Twitch, Mixer or Both is My Conundrum

Back in April, I decided I was going to try and dedicate myself more to doing gaming streams. I bounced around using Twitch for a bit and then Beam/Mixer after that. I was just using the built in Streaming tools on said consoles as it was quick and dirty. Then I went and dug out my El Gato and an Xsplit license and started making my streams a little more professional with some layout tools and Streamlabs or StreamJar plugins. All of this had me streaming a little more consistently. But I still could not make up my mind between Twitch or Mixer. Twitch was where the majority of people were coming to view things, but Mixer had the full support of Microsoft, and a dedicated tab on the Xbox dashboard.

Then I found Restream, a service that allowed you to stream to them and then they output their streams to multiple services. One stream out, split to multiple locations. So I could be on Mixer and Twitch without issue. All seemed right in the world.

But lately, I noticed a bit more lag in my streams and views that were not being counted towards viewer counts on both services. So, I am once again perplexed with a question of choosing between Mixer or Twitch. And while I still think Mixer might be the better platform, I am probably going to go with Twitch. I seem to get better support from viewers on Twitch, a better path to becoming an affiliate (not a priority, but it doesn’t hurt to have an additional revenue stream), and better support for the games that I am playing. Really Mixer, how do you not Everybody’s Golf?

Sure, I probably did not need to put a long form blog post here for people to know that I am going to be streaming exclusively on Twitch, but that is where I am at right now. I feel it is the right place to be right now. In six months, I could change that decision and go back to multi-streams or just Mixer, but for now, you can find my streams at I hope you will come by and visit sometime or click on that Twitch tab here on my page to check me out.

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