Twitch is So Close for Me and Yet So Far Away

So, I was pretty excited to see that March 11th was today and it meant that I could now try out the Twitch streaming on Xbox One.  I mean, we have only been waiting for this now for about four and a half months.  But as seems to be the case again and again, the streaming is broken.  How broken.  Well, for me and a fair amount of others, we cannot stream at all.

Right now, I seem to be in the category of being able to set it up and get into an initial broadcast, but then I am caught in a loop where it wants to check my connection, goes back to the app and then I have to repeat the process endlessly.  Worse still is that after the first attempt, it says the game I am playing is Unknown Game, and I eventually just have to shut everything off with a hard reboot.

Some have claimed it to work well, and I have watched streams on Xbox Live, but for a pretty significant percentage of the population, it seems to not work.  It is a bit strange, because Microsoft delayed this for quite some time to make sure that it worked rock solid on the Xbox One and yet, it does not.

I can only hope it works soon, so I can actually try out some broadcasting before the fad is out of style.

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