The E3 Hype Train Is Now Boarding

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year.

That phrase normally brings about thoughts of snow covered trees, presents and maybe a bit of eggnog, but for those of us that have work in the gaming media industry, it means something completely different – The Electronic Entertainment Expo otherwise known as E3.

E3 brings together all of the video game developers and publishers under the roof of the Los Angeles Convention Center to meet, greet, play, interview and all sorts of other stuff all in the name of getting the word out about their upcoming slate of games.  It lets everyone see what companies have in store for new consoles, for turning around fortunes and occasionally, some monumental gaffes that live down in infamy.  Anyone remember the “gamers will get a second job to buy the PlayStation 3” comments?  Or how about “We’re pairing up with AT&T, the number one wireless carrier for data plans on the PlayStation Vita” commotion?  Even last year brought us the entire Microsoft press team in regards to the always on Xbox One, which was completely removed not more than nine days after E3.

For me, it is a time of enjoyment and wonder and at the same time, a time of being worn out and tired with all the walking, writing, driving and scheduling that comes with the event.  Most on the outside looking in see it at just playing games, but for those writing, it is about frantically putting out scores of articles with little time left for things like eating or sleeping.  It is work, plain and simple.  Sure, I do get to have some fun with the Malibu Confessionals that I do with my main man @Fourhman, but it still comes down to putting together a ton of work in a short amount of time.

But for all the grief and complaining that comes out of E3, at the end of the day, I love it.  I am sad when it all ends, and I get completely jazzed when those first appointments start coming in around the beginning of May.   So get ready to hear all things E3 from me here, on GGS Gamer and on Fox 43, where I will be freelancing this year.

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