Percutaneous Nephro-What?

I have been away for a few weeks now on social media, podcasts and more but there is a good reason for it and that reason is percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Yes, it is a big word, and yes, I had to copy and paste it to make sure I spelled it correctly. Long story short is that you might remember me talking about a rather large Kidney stone I had in my right kidney. It had been there for quite some time and up until this year, it had sort of just sat there dormant. It wasn’t causing me any pain, and most doctors had said just leave it alone until it becomes an issue. Well, earlier this year, it became an issue and it was finally going to have to be dealt with. Note, this was not a normal kidney stone as it was roughly an inch and a half around.

So, last week, I finally had the procedure, called percutaneous nephrolithotomy and thankfully it all went smooth and I am on the last steps of recovery before getting back to the mundane. If curious, the procedure requires the insertion of a catheter in the back the day before the actual procedure. This catheter is required to put the scope into the back properly. Fun fact, they do not put you to sleep for this, so it was slightly painful until the lidocaine and Phentonol kicked in. Then I went back to a hospital room and waited for 24 hours when they came back and grabbed me for the final procedure. Here, they insert a scope into my back via a special tube and catheter and it allows them to use ultrasound waves to chisel the stone down and they retract the pieces out. All in all, the procedure took about two hours but did not take care of the entire stone. But it sounds like I should not need another procedure and the stone has been reduced in a way that it should not cause any further issues.

Since that day, September 14th, I have just been on the mend. My back has been very sore, as the ultrasound waves feel like my kidney has been kicked about a thousand times. It was very bruised. I also had a hole in my back (small one) but it cannot be sewn shut. It has to heal from the inside-out. Here is where that wound was at as of Sunday this week.


Today was the first time I did not have any drainage come out of the wound in 24 hours, so I am hoping this means that the internal side of the wound is closed and now the skin will start its healing process. So, in the future, I will still have to make some beverage choices and reduce a bit of my protein content. I also still have to add some Bicitrate to my diet four times a day. But it should result in a much better quality of life for many years to come.

So that is what I have been doing for the last few weeks but things should get back to normal sooner than later.

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