You Like the Worst Stuff #226 – Sooner or Later, Madden’s Gonna Get Ya

On this week’s episode of You Like the Worst Stuff, we eulogize Agent 47, the newly unemployed star of the long-running video game series “Hitman.” We’ll miss his go-getter attitude and professional demeanor when murdering the cast of “Home Alone.” And hey, how about this Rap Rabbit? If that thing doesn’t get funded, this will probably be the only time

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You Like the Worst Stuff #223 – Ganondorf Dragmire and the Secret of the Video Game Instruction Manual

Joe Haygood, Joe Fourhman and Tony Sadowski have another worst-packed episode of You Like the Worst Stuff on deck, kicking off with the most Mode-7-ist of rumors: the SNES Classic. And no, we do not waste your ear-time listing off our own personal Top 30 Super Nintendo games. But we will gladly waste your time on the following: – Target

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