Another E3 In the Books

Hey folks, it has been a bit of time since I last checked in here, but that might be due to a little event we gamers like to call E3.  Yes, it was another Electronic Entertainment Expo that I was in attendance for, making it seven shows since 2007 that I have attended.  The show was interesting in some aspects

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Why Have Microtransactions If They Are A “Non-Issue”

I love reading about developers and their weird explanations about microtransactions in their games.  This came up this morning in an article over on Polygon with the developers of Drive Club.  In their game, they do have microtransactions to speed up the leveling and getting cars, but they say the transactions are a “non-issue”, because leveling happens very quickly if

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The E3 Hype Train Is Now Boarding

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year. That phrase normally brings about thoughts of snow covered trees, presents and maybe a bit of eggnog, but for those of us that have work in the gaming media industry, it means something completely different – The Electronic Entertainment Expo otherwise known as E3. E3 brings together all of the video game

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