Loving Smallville, Still Not Enjoying Lana Lang

It has been awhile, but with a recent sale, I decided to jump in to watching Smallville again. I know, I know, some will want to know why I want to watch Smallville. I mean, that is over 200 episodes of television to watch, and it is not exactly the greatest show ever made. But I love how into the lore the show got, especially towards the end of the show. I mean, we get JSA, Doctor Fate, Darkseid and so much more. Even the acting is pretty good for the most part, but there is one person that kills me and it is Kristen Kreuk.

I have no idea why, but there is something about her portrayal of Lana Lang that just kills me. Maybe it is the way that they dragged out the relationship between Clark and Lana, or maybe it is just the character herself. Honestly though, i just think it has a lot to do with the moral high-ground that they put the character on in each episode. No matter what happens, she seems to find some way to be happy.

It’s funny, because I watched a bit of that new Beauty and the Beast show and I thought Kristen was pretty good in that show in comparison to Smallville. That is why I don’t necessarily blame it on Mr. Kreuk. It could be the way the character was written or the direction that she was given on portraying the character but whatever it is it just leaves me irritated with her character on the show.

So, I will continue to watch all ten seasons (still cannot believe that show went for ten seasons) and enjoy every minute of it, but I just wish Kristen Kreuk has been given more to work with to make her Lana Lang easier to watch on the show.

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