It’s Been A Long Time

So, by now, you probably noticed that I have not been here is a bit of time.  This is all on me and no one else.  My real world job has been interfering with most of my external social activities.  I am sure that most have been here at some point, but it still makes me feel bad, as I enjoy posting weird, one-off commentary here on my blog and I am going to strive to do that more now that I have more free time available to me (no, I did not get fired).

I should give some minor commentary on what has been going on as of late.  I did pick up a PS4 and I do enjoy it.  I still prefer the Xbox One, but I think the PlayStation 4 is a huge step up from where Sony was with the PlayStation 3.  And man is that thing so much smaller when I see it sitting next to my Xbox One in the same entertainment center. I bought The Last of Us Remastered Edition and Infamous Second Son which were both good, but I rented Knack and it was not as good.

Finally, look for a post in the near future about my love of the Mako from Mass Effect on GGS Gamer. It is in response to the hate that came about when it was announced that the venerable little transport that could was coming back to the next Mass Effect.

So look for more from me here and on GGS Gamer soon.

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