I’m Going Back to Defiance

So first of, yes, I did try to put together a title riffing off of an LL Cool J song.  No, it did not come off as well as I had hoped.  That aside, I did want to talk about my recent revisit to the world of Defiance, both in television and in video game form.

You may now be asking yourself why I would go back to a game that has been relatively forgotten by most players two years after it was released.  I would agree.  I had largely forgotten that I had the game on my PlayStation 3 (bought it for $4.99 in a sale).  I did play it quite a bit when I first purchased it, but it went neglected for the better part of the last year.  I had also watched the TV show that intersects with it.  While not a great show, it has done what Mass Effect did, albeit better – creating an interesting science fiction universe.

So why would I think about Defiance after all this time?  Well, I sort of fell down a weird rabbit hole as I was on Xbox One yesterday.  I saw that there was a sale on the first season of Defiance.  I enjoyed the show while it was on and for the price of a Hamilton, I figured it was a good way to support the show.  Of course, this lead me to watching a couple of episodes, which then led to me searching for info on the second season (coming June 18th), which inevitably had me logging into the game early Sunday morning I1AM to be exact).

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While Defiance the game is not the success I think Trion Worlds was looking for, it does have a decent player base and with the fifth expansion pack out, it must be doing decent money to still have content coming out in regular waves.  The game does seem to have gotten harder, although that could just be me being rusty after not having played in about a year.  But it is still a lot of fun and the main story is interesting and has me hooked in with the whole universe.  Man, if they would just throw in a novel or two, I would have the perfect Defiance experience.

Sure, I don’t think that Defiance is for everyone.  The show is good, but not great, as is the video game.  But they are a decent amount of fun and they have done a pretty successful job of blending the television show and the video game worlds together.  Since it does go on sale pretty regularly, I would suggest that for a Lincoln, you should at least pick up the game.  If you get a few hours out of it, it won’t be a big waste, but if you do, there is a ton of content waiting for you to explore.

Gotta run now, as I need to get back to San Francisoc and the independent city of Defiance.

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