I Am MCLazyJ, and I Am An Indie Bundle Addict

From reading my title, you might think that I have an issue with Indie Bundles – far from it.  I am actually a huge fan of the value that comes in these bundles, along with the exposure that it gives many to titles that might otherwise go un-noticed by the general populace.  It also doesn’t hurt that you get these bundles for the cost of a song and a soda from the corner liquor shop.

No, my problem comes more from the idea that I seemingly buy them with little through as to when I might play many of these titles.  I can safely say that I have paid more than the average to at least 30 different Indie Bundles, adding over 74 titles to my Steam account.  That does not include the ones added to my Desura account, but trust me, I have bought a lot of games through this method.  Some have been surprising additions, like the Origin Bundle, or the Deep Silver bundle.  But recently, I noticed that I had a problem when I bought the Mysterious Bundle from the Indie Gala site.  Yes, I bought into a bundle that was selling me second rate adventure games that came out several years ago, if only because beating the average only cost me $2.48.

I know that good causes are helped with my purchases, and that I like getting a handful of games for a great price, but at some point, I have to draw a line in the sand and say no more, or at least cut back in my purchases.  I have so many games from these bundles that I have yet to even install, and more than likely, I probably will never play them.  I tend to buy them with the hope that I might jump into these games at some point, only to never let them see the light of day.

Of course, I say this knowing that more than likely, I will purchase once again, blindly without thinking twice about it, but maybe because I am typing this down, someone else will heed the warning and keep away from the Mysterious Bundle, saving for another bundle that might have better meaning and more value for their hard earned cash.


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