Breaking a Personal Podcast Milestone

This week, barring any family scheduling issues, I will finally pass a personal milestone in podcasting – co-hosting a podcast for over 200 episodes. It is a feat that makes me very happy, as I almost hit this milestone once before when hosting the Aeropodcast. That show hit 195 episodes, but sadly, a change of scenery meant I missed it by five episodes.

Its funny, as I have no reason why I am personally impressed by the idea of hitting 200 episodes, but I am. I have been podcasting in some capacity since 2007 and while they may not have had hundreds of thousands of listeners, I am proud of the shows I have been a part of and I love the hundreds of listeners we do have that listen every week.

I should also take the time to thank all those that have made podcasting tons of fun over the years, including Joe Fourhman, Tony Sadowski, Stephen Munn, James Munn, Paul Munn, Mike Koss, George Walker and the numerous guests that have endured my weird brand of interviewing/humor. I do hope I make it through another 200 episodes and I look forward to hitting the microphone every week on You Like the Worst Stuff.

And yes, this is not a hard hitting article, but dammit, I was happy to hit 200 episodes!

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