About mclazyj

What is there to say about the man behind the name mclazyj?  Well, as most know by now, I am referred to in real life as Joe Haygood.  I am married, have a son and have been playing video games since 1981.  I got my start on an original Atari 2600 VCS system, bought at Sears for my 10th birthday.  Along with the console, I received Space Invaders, Casino and Football.

Over the years, I have played PC games, Super Nintendo, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One and a Nintendo Wii U.  My game collection is probably in the 1500-2000 game range and continuing to grow, thanks to things like Humble Bundle and Indie Gala.

I would also ask you, with a lot of kindness, to visit me and my friends at www.ggsgamer.com.  It is where I currently write reviews, and a bit of news from time to time.  We can always use more hits and I think we do a pretty good job of writing quality reviews and hitting the major points in the news.  And it is also where you can find me and my podcasting friends from You Like the Worst Stuff.

Here is a list of the places you can find me on the web:

  • Steam – mclazyj
  • Xbox Live – mclazyj
  • PlayStation Network – mclazyj
  • Raptr – mclazyj
  • Youtube – www.youtube.com/mclazyj

Feel free to hit me up on the web or through any of these services.  My door is always open and I am always open to discussion.

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